Girls with Curves

Great stuff

  This page is dedicated to great resources for girls with scoliosis.  

Bookie and the Scoliosis Diagnosis

 Here's a great book to learn about and teach people about scoliosis. You can order it from

Curvy Girls Scoliosis is an awesome site full of helpful information.  My favorite part is the discussion forum where girls can ask questions and get answers from other girls from all over the country.  

Straight Talk With the Curvy Girls

You are not alone!  This book gives it to you straight--it's written by girls with scoli, for girls with scoli.  To order a copy, go to


How My Back Curved My Life

Got some questions?  Need some encouragement?  Meet 12 year old Tiffany Sullivan who vlogs (video blogs) on YouTube about her scoliosis experience.  She's honest, funny, and encouraging. Click here to watch her first vlog.

Anti-Monkey Butt Powder

When the pads on my brace start to rub on my skin, I use Anti-Monkey Butt powder to reduce the chafing.  It's a funny name, but it really works!  Click on the pic for a link about it.


What if I need surgery?

Sometimes bracing isn't the answer and surgery is required to improve your scoliosis. This website has two parts: one for teens and one for parents. It describes the surgical process and answers many questions. Click on the image below or go to AboutKidsHealth.

Lazardo art for baby head braces

This doesn't technically apply to scoli braces (yet), but it is such a clever and inspiring idea that it must be included on this page of great ideas.  The pic below is from the Lazardo Art and the art of baby helmet painting Facebook Page and here is a link to the creative and inspiring Lazardo Art website.  They also do leg braces.  I think we should ask about body braces!


It's OK to Ask

 When people ask about our brace, we shouldn't be embarrassed or ashamed, it's a time to share and educate people. Click here to see the entire book or to order a copy for yourself, your school, your library...