About Me

I'm a log roller

Go ahead and laugh--it's true!  I compete all summer long.  Log rolling requires me to balance my body in order to stay on the log. That means my brain is constantly telling my muscles to stay in the right place. This helps correct my scoliosis.  Logrolling has been my escape--it's something good for me that I don't have to do in my brace. Maybe that's why I practice so much?

Here is a picture of me rolling on the river.


Scoliosis runs in my family

My sister, Anna, has scoliosis, too.  Anna is also an accomplished log roller--we train together and keep each other motivated to keep fit.  She loves horses and soccer.  We don't always get along, but I love that my best friend lives in the room next door.


I love to travel

My favorite place to visit is England, because half of my family lives there.  We stay with family and friends, and travel to cool places like Llandudno, Wales, where we rode a cable car to the top of a mountain.  And Covent Garden in London, where they have street performers who juggle chainsaws.  Winchester is a historical city and I love to shop at the market.  

I went to Mexico on a mission trip with my church and we put roofs on two houses.  They have cement roofs, so it was so much work!  But the families were incredible to get to know, and knowing that I helped change their lives, changed me.

I like to paint

I've been painting for as long as I can remember. My latest thing is making cards for my mom. 

I have a job

Several jobs, actually.  I garden, babysit, clean houses and teach log rolling.  There's no time to be bored at our house.  I like working because I make money, and I'm learning new skills all the time.  Between work, working out, family and friends, there's not a second to spare. 

I love my family

 My family isn't perfect, but they are my #1 support and we stick together through thick and thin.